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Competence for download. You missed a Blauberg info letter? No problem, here you can view and download all of them. Also each of our English videos on ventilation systems is now available here at the Download service point. Get convenient and free digital info packages for you and your customers. The packages comprise information on aerosols and healthy air, single-room ventilation, related controls and filters and will be continuously increased.


Info sheets 

Industrial fans and their usage
How to ventilate a garage?

Filter maintenance
Maintain your ventilation system now

Overview of all controls
Control solutions

Digitize step-by-step VENTO Expert W V.2

Digitize step-by-step CIVIC EC LB/DB

Digitize step-by-step central ventilation units

Blauberg videos

Topic: Decentral office and school ventilation

Topic: Initial operation of VENTO Expert A50-1 W V. 2

Topic: Central ventilation systems

Topic: Decentralized ventilation systems

Info letters 2024


Topic: We present our design award winner!

Info letters 2023

BlauAir EN

Topic: BlauAir: Big AHUs  Great service!

Civic Special

Topic: Civic: Ventilation from little to large.


Topic: Ventilation for offices and schools – immediately available!

BAU BlauFast

Topic: Will we meet at BAU in Munich?

Info letters 2022


Topic: Industrial fans and their usage


Topic: Ready to set off with us?

Info letters 2021

Neue Dezentrale Anlage Mit 200 M3h

Topic: New decentral ventilation unit with 200 m3.

Decentral Ventilation In Schools And Offices

Topic: Healthy air for our schools.

Filter Dezentral

Topic: The new generation of KOMFORT systems.

Komfort Roto

Topic: World of central ventilation.

Stylish Relevant

Topic: Stylish and relevant.

Info letters 2020

Headbanner Komfort

Topic: The new generation of KOMFORT systems.

10 Aerosol

Topic: Healthy air at peak times? Feasible.


Topic: Decentralized ventilation systems.


Topic: Spring-Cleaning: Maintain your ventilation system now!

03 2020 Headermontage Survey

Topic: Survey: Do you wish digital services?

Gives Away Fair Time

Topic: Blauberg gives away trade time.


How nice can a home possibly be?

Living, working, enjoying – with BlauAir

Special solutions for school ventilation

Ventilation in schools: A small community shows how it‘s done













Aerosol package

Gesunde Luft bei Hochbetrieb? Geht.

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Healthy air peak times? Feasible. CIVIC

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Healthy air peak times? Feasible. CIVIC


Healthy air peak times? Feasible. CIVIC

info flyer aerosol (DIN A5).pdf

Text for Social media: Healthy air at peak times? Feasible. The more people and activity are present in a room, the more particles from respiration, evaporation and turbulence are contained in the room air. Without exchange of the used air against fresh air from outside this results in a noticeable inconvenient physical condition.

The most effective solution to ensure fresh and thus healthy room air is a controlled ventilation by a mechanical ventilation system. Installed cleverly, such systems continually exchange stale indoor air against fresh outside air almost imperceptibly. In this way a sufficient and health-promoting ventilation according to current guidelines can be ensured. Better air – better health.

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Filters package

Air filter maintenance

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Air filter maintenance

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Air filter maintenance

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whitepaper (DIN A4).pdf

Air filter maintenance

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Text for social media: The air filtration system in your ventilation unit requires regular maintenance, as dirty filters may cause deterioration of air quality and even lead to ventilation system faults. In order to prevent this, you should replace air filters from time to time or clean them, if cleaning is allowed by the filter design.
In a single Blauberg Ventilatoren ventilation unit two or more filters may be used simultaneously, each of which has its own purpose and service life. Some filters can be cleaned manually, some cannot. In order to control the contamination level of the filtration system it is important to replace filters when they reach the end of their recommended service life.
To answer questions like “How often do I replace filters?”, “How do I clean and install them?”, “Which filter should I use after the service life of the old one expired?”, we have put together a guide which contains comprehensive information on maintenance of air filtration systems in Blauberg Ventilatoren ventilation units. With this you can plan a simple maintenance procedure and will be able to enjoy clean and fresh air at all times.

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S21 package

Vento Expert digitise step by step

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Vento Expert digitise step by step

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S21 next generation automation

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overview controller

whitepaper (DIN A4).pdf

Vento Expert digitise step by step

print poster (DIN A2).pdf

Text for social media: One control board for all models – and countless possibilities with one app.
This is our goal: one control board for all units of the KOMFORT series. Step by step we will shift the KOMFORT units to the new control system. This provides the following advantages: simple and intuitive setup and control via app, without a computer. The app is always included in the delivery and can be downloaded for free. The S21 control board enables integration in BMS and smart home systems.

Of course you can still use the existing control panels. The new control panel S22 is the equivalent to the current control panel S14 – perfect for the final user to choose from preset ventilation speeds and to make basic settings. The control panel S22 is also available as WiFi version. In addition, we developed the control panel S25 which allows professional settings, almost like the app. S25 is comparable to the previous control panel S11 and will replace it. In the overview table for the S21 control board you will find the most important facts and already available KOMFORT models.

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Step-by-step digitization package

Vento Expert digitise step by step

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Vento Expert digitise step by step

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Vento Expert digitise step by step

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Vento Expert digitise step by step

whitepaper (DIN A4).pdf

Vento Expert digitise step by step

print poster (DIN A2).pdf

Text for social media: Digitize step by step: There are different ways to control your Blauberg ventilation unit and to use their control devices. Local control via buttons on the unit or remote control, or control via app with direct connection to the unit or to in-house WiFi network. You can use the Blauberg cloud or integrate the unit into your smart home system. From analog to smart home – you choose.

Social media text VENTO V2 (DIN 4).pdf

Marketing Materials in your language

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You are interested in print or digital materials in your language? Choose your desired marketing materials, translate them into your language and send us an e-mail. We take care of the creative and graphic implementation for free. You will receive a pdf, ready for printing.